Burns and Plastic Surgeries Center

Burns and Plastic Surgeries Center, Mansoura UniversityBurns and Plastic Surgeries Center is considered the first specialized center in the field of burns and plastic surgeries in the middle of Delta. It serves several governorates as: Al-Sharkia, Al-Gharbia, Damietta, Al-Dakahlia, Port Said, Kafr Al-Sheik, and others. The center started working in 2010, but it gives a Ph.D. degree in the field of cosmetic surgery since 2005 in addition to teaching Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral students. The center includes doing and developing the medical and surgical cure of the severe burns cases, doing and developing complications burns surgeries that include functional shortening and abnormalities, doing scientific researches of burns ( stem cells researches to plant skin ), doing researches on serving the environment for the prevention of burns, doing and developing microscope surgeries (reconnecting severed organs such as the hands , feet and fingers), doing and developing birth defects surgeries (such as cleft lip - birthmarks - the urethra defects), using the modern technology to retrieve face youthfulness such as ( Botox- skin emery), and doing and developing plastic surgeries as:

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