Mansoura University News

Title Created Date
DAAD Scholarships 12 February 2017
Mansoura university student's delegation at the seventh student families Festival – Canal Suez University 09 February 2017
Mansoura university students achieved the fourth position at the young researcher's conference – Aswan 09 February 2017
The Innovation and Technology Commercialization Office (TICO) grant 08 February 2017
The parents' representative praises Mansoura University at the sixth international batch graduation ceremony 02 February 2017
Discussing a medical cooperation between Mansoura University and the Education Committee- House of Representatives 02 February 2017
President of Mansoura University opened the Sixth Cardiology International Scientific Conference 01 February 2017
President of Mansoura University follows up the new extensions at the Emergency hospital 01 February 2017
The National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation honoring the president of Mansoura University 29 January 2017
A New Scholarships Granted by Korea University 18 January 2017
Candidates for Soltan Ben Ali Alewaes Cultural award 10 November 2016
Mansoura University Calls the 2016/2017 Academic Year “Students’ Activities Year” 18 September 2016
British Council Delegation Offers English Language Programs for Students of Mansoura University 10 September 2016
Mansoura University Vice-President Meets the Students of "The Qualifying Program for Preparation of Student leaders 10 September 2016
Mansoura University Establishing Water Research and Technology Institute in Gamasa 09 September 2016
Newton- Mosharafa Grants Program for the Third Year 2016/2017 07 September 2016
Mansoura University Specialized Medical Hospital Celebrates the Renewal of Accreditation Certificate for the Second Year 07 September 2016
President of Mansoura University Meets the American Association for Lawyers and Judges Delegation. 06 September 2016
New Labor Protocol in Mansoura University Children's Hospital 06 September 2016
Medical Examination Service through Mansoura University Website 05 September 2016