Mansoura University News

Title Created Date
Mansoura University adopts the innovations of Dakahlia sons to serve deaf and dumb 15 July 2018
President of Mansoura University discusses the development of renal dialysis system 08 July 2018
Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program for Young Researchers 06 July 2018
Extend the Call for the Missions Plan - 2017/2018 05 July 2018
Signing a memorandum of understanding between Mansoura University and Imam Al-hadi College - Sudan 04 July 2018
A memorandum of understanding between Mansoura University and University of Hubei – China 02 July 2018
Inaugurating the lecture halls of food safety and health program at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Mansoura University 02 July 2018
Collaborative Awards in science by the University of Aberdeen 02 July 2018
The President of Mansoura University follows up the new liver transplantation building 28 June 2018
A Libyan embassy delegation visits Mansoura University 28 June 2018
A Project Management Unit Committee visits Mansoura University to receive the bleeding and thrombosis lab development project and the rehabilitation for accreditation 27 June 2018
Mansoura University starts the " University free of virus C" campaign 26 June 2018
Mansoura University wins three of the State Science Awards for 2017 13 June 2018
A smart system to track and protect children at Mansoura University 13 June 2018
call for joint Egyptian Japanese scientific cooperation 11 June 2018
Mansoura University Free of Virus-C" campaign 10 June 2018
Call for research proposals within the Egyptian-Bulgarian cooperation 06 June 2018
Postdoctoral Fellowship from Japan for 2019 09 April 2018
The "Newton-Musharraf" Scholarships for 2017/2018 02 October 2017
European grants for Mansoura University's students 26 August 2017