An Agreement on International Educational Cooperation between Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey and Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt

In order to promote further the existing cultural and educational cooperation between Turkey and Egypt, Mansoura University, represented by Prof. Al-Sayed Abdel-Khalek  and Fatih University, represented by Prof. Sherif Ali Tekalan signed an agreement  protocol on educational and scientific cooperation for five renewable years. This agreement protocol was included in the visit of the Turkish delegation Mansoura University on Saturday 29/12/2012. 

The agreement states that the two universities will endeavor to cooperate in education and research in areas of mutual interest. Both universities will encourage direct exchange and cooperation between faculty members, departments, research institutions and students.

The visit schedule  included a number of events. One of them was a workshop on the Turkish experience in education reform, presented by Prof. Sherif Ali Tekalan, president of Fatih University and attended by a number of faculties deans and staff members. The Turkish delegation went on a tour to visit the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of  Engineering, medical centers, laboratories, workshops, the (CITC) Communication and information Technology Center, and the Olympic Village.


To see the agreement click on the following link

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