President of Mansoura University Participates in the third Conference of Al-Fateh University in Turkey

Prof. Sayed Ahmed Abd Al-Khalek; President of Mansoura University participated with the a paper in English on “ university and industry “ in particular reference to the experience of Mansoura University in the plenary session of the Third Conference of  Al-Fateh University in Turkey, entitled:

Innovative and Entrepreneurial Trends in Higher Education

The conference lasted from 29th of May to 2nd of June 2013 and more than 290 universities presidents or their representatives from all over the world attended that huge scientific gathering to exchange ideas, thoughts, and visions about developing high education in several fields some of the most important of them are:

Prof. Magdy Abo Raian; the former president of Mansoura University; has also presented a paper in a parallel session about education internationalization and universities finance.

Later on Prof. Sayed Ahmed Abd Al-Khalek has headed one of the session entitled: Maintaining Quality in Higher Education; and he ended up with important recommendations; some of them are:


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