The First International scientific Conference in Faculty of Education, Mansoura University

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Under the auspices of Prof. AlSayed Abd Al-Khalek the President of Mansoura University and Prof. Magda Naser the vice president for graduate studies and research affairs, the faculty of Education held in cooperation with the cognitive studies center in Cairo the first scientific conference entitled “Prospective vision for the future of education in Egypt and the Arab World in the light of the recent social variables” 20-21 February 2013.
The conference aimed at determining the reasons for the Arabian revolutions, studying the national and international challenges, determining the education aims in the Arabian World, and studying the Arabian personality, the major features of the education,  the management development of education, high education, specific, and general  education.
The conference discussed four major axes during 5 scientific sessions; curriculum and instructions, education technology, using the researches done in the field of educational foundation, the researches done in the field of educational psychology and mental hygiene, and quality management in the field of scientific research in universities.
The president of Mansour University referred during the conference to the great importance of education in establishing and development and the necessity of paying attention to electronic education and developing scientific imagination in educational curricula in Egypt and the Arabian world. He also asserted the significant relationship between education and labour market and the necessity to connect them both, as well as the importance of strengthening the relationship between the teacher and the learner and developing the educational management. He, also, asserted on paying as much attention to unsurpassed as the talented ones, in addition to the assessment and evaluation processes in education and the necessity to establish continuous education programmes for the teachers in all stages as they exist in majority of countries.
The conference was headed by Prof. Abd El-Salam Mostafa Abd El-Salam dean of Faculty of Education and the cognitive studies center in Cairo was represented by Prof. Abd El-Rahman Al-Nakib the educational councillor and the center secretary. A group of educational experts and scientists attended the conference, in addition to Deans of Faculties of Education in the Arabian countries and the Egyptian Universities, deans , vice- deans,  and staff members of Mansoura University.

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