A Delegation from University of Manchester Visits Mansoura University to Establish Manchester Dental Program

Prof. Mohamd Kenawy; president of Mansoura University met the delegation of Manchester University including Prof. Paul Coulthard‬‏; Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Manchester and Prof. Reza Rudzary; Conservative Dentistry Lecturer at Faculty of Dentistry, University of Manchester.

The meeting came within the framework of discussing the ways of scientific cooperation and agreement to establish Mansoura Manchester Dental Program at Faculty of Dentistry similar to Mansoura Manchester Medical Program at Faculty of Medicine.A group of Egyptian dentists and the Mansoura university Presidents deputies have attended the meeting.

The delegation toured throughout Mansoura University to visit the different faculties, the Olympic Village, the Urology and Nephrology center. They, also, visited both the old and the new buildings of the faculty of Dentistry including the educational facilities, the different laboratories, and departments.

The delegation had another meeting with the board and staff members of the faculty of dentistry. They discussed a detailed explanation about the facilities of the faculty, the numbers of students, the staff, and the different departments. As well, the meeting included a presentation about the huge development in various laboratories that provide practical training for students under the supervision of faculty members.It showed the outstanding level of those laboratories according to the quality standards and commitment and sterilization conditions.

Prof. Coulthard made a presentation about the modern educational methods in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Manchester. The presentation included the departments of the faculty, the number of students, the curricula and their methods of education at the Faculty.

This was the first visit of Prof. Coulthard to Mansoura University. He expressed his fascination with the wonderful and outstanding level of Mansoura University regarding the campus and the various faculties. In addition, he expressed his deep admiration for the level of the facilities within the Faculty of Dentistry and the modern laboratories and equipment which are up to the international level, as well as, the number of different departments and specialties.

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