The Annual Clothes Charity Exhibition - Mansoura University

On Tuesday 13th December 2016, prof/ Mohamed Kenawy –president of Mansoura University, opened the annual clothes charity exhibition – Mansoura University
With the presence of prof/ Ashraf Sweilam- vice president for graduate studies and research affairs, prof/ Zaki Zidan- vice president for community service and environmental development affairs, and a set of faculty deans and vice-deans.
The exhibition targets 5000 unable student registered by names at the students care administration, maximum 3 pieces for each.
Prof/ Zaki Zidan, asked all staff members and business men to contribute and support such exhibitions.
Prof/Mohamed Kenawy, assured that the exhibition comes within the university's strategy to support unable students, present possible social services, and to disseminate the spirit of social solidarity.


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