Mansoura University producing a natural alternative to bones from animal bones

A research team at the Faculty of Science – Mansoura University was received by prof/ Mohamed Kenawy- President of Mansoura University, to be congratulated for their success in producing a substance used as natural alternatives to bones with a very high purity compared to the standard level.

The substance is used to compensate the missing parts of the bones that have been exposed to complex and severe fractures, which have a health hazard to the human, or in cases of fractures where bone is not forced properly, and is also used in many dental surgery, where 65% Of dental surgery require the use of alternative materials for bones in one form or another.

Since 2015, the team has established and equipped a specialized unit for the production of this important biological material, with financial, administrative and strong support the university's president who has adopted the project since taking over the university administration.
It is worth mentioning that the production of this material locally will save a lot of hard currency spent annually to import, in addition to the high quality of this domestic product allows the export to the world markets with the ability to compete strongly.



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