President of Mansoura University holds a meeting to follow-up the "Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit"

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Prof/ Mohamed kenawy -p resident of Mansoura University, held a meeting at the Oncology Center to follow up the implementation of the new bone marrow transplantation unit.
In the presence of Prof/Farah Al-Shennawy - Professor of Immunology and Supervisor of the umbilical cord stem cell center, Prof/ Sameh Shama - Chairman of the bone marrow Transplantation Committee, and Dr. Ahmed Mansour -Representative of the bone marrow Transplantation Unit.
During the meeting they reviewed the work steps and what has been done in the project of establishing the bone marrow transplantation capsules at the Oncology Center in accordance with the proposed timetable and the engineering drawings have been approved.
Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy, assured the work of the unit and review the training plans for the medical team and nurses and clinical pharmacists.
During the meeting, both prof/ Sameh Shamma and prof/ Ahmed Mansour were also agreed to travel to France on the basis of the agreement between the Hospital Authority in Paris and the University of Mansoura University, which includes to assist in the establishment of a bone marrow transplant unit, and this will be during the first week of the month Which will be held in September 2018.
the drawings and steps taken to establish the bone marrow transplant unit at Mansoura University oncology Center will be presented on the French side to benefit from any suggestions. 


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