President of Mansoura University holds the first meeting with the Student Union Council

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Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, held the first meeting with the members of the University Student Union Council.
In the presence of prof/ Ashraf Abdel Basset - Vice President for Education and Students affairs, Mr. Hisham Askar - General Director of Student Welfare Department, and the student/ Omar Al Bousaily.
During the meeting, prof/ kenawy discussed the views and suggestions of the students as well as the problems related to the educational process within the faculties and the university.
He also discussed the activities plan of the students inside the faculties and the activities of the union at the university level and the educational seminars.
Prof/ Kenawy stressed the importance of students' positive participation in building the country and working hard to achieve the students' interest in the educational process within Mansoura University, pointed out the university's total support to the students to overcome the problems.
Prof/ Abdel Basset added that the university is interested in student activities and seeks to strengthen them because it is an opportunity to learn skills, and that these activities focus on refining the students' life, organizational skills and working in different teams.

At the end of the meeting the students presented some problems related to the Union and students.

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