Faculty of science – Mansoura University honors the Mansourasaurus discovery team

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The Faculty of Science - Mansoura University, in cooperation with the Students' Union, organized a workshop to honor the Mansourasaurus discovery team.
In the presence of prof/ Ashraf Abdel Basset -Vice President for Education and Students, prof/ Adel Al-Junady - Dean of the faculty, prof/ Hosny Ghazala – vice dean of environmental affairs and prof/ Saed Desouki –Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research affairs.
Prof/ Hisham Salam – team leader, noted that the fossils discovered in Mansourasaurus are the sixth dinosaur structure to be discovered in Egypt and It sheds light on a mysterious period of dinosaur history on the African continent.

Prof/ Sana Bassiouny pointed out that persuading their families to camp for a long time in a desert is more difficulty than the living difficulties they experienced in the desert.
Prof/ Adel pointed out the importance of the new discovery and that the faculty is proud of its sons from the researchers who put the name of the faculty and Mansoura University and even the name of Egypt in the top scientific journals and sites, added that the faculty will support the researchers and will provide all possibilities to support scientific research.

For his part prof/ Ashraf Abdul Basit, stressed the importance of new drilling discovery and that the world and scientific institutions and major international magazines talk about the discovery of Mansoura University, which will explain the era of history was not known to scientists and will work to explain many of the phenomena.

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