A memorandum of understanding between Mansoura University and University of Hubei – China

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On Monday 2nd July 2018, both prof/ Ashraf Abdel Basset - vice-president for education and students affairs and prof/ Ashraf Sweilam - vice-president for post graduate studies and research affairs, received the delegation of Hubei University of Education.

The visit comes within the framework of discussing the ways of cooperation and signing a memorandum of understanding to exchange experiences.

It was agreed to establish the Confucius institute at Mansoura university to be a specialist in teaching the Chinese language and Chinese studies.

It's worth to mention that the visit considers a prelude to start of cooperation between the two universities, to include professors and students exchange.

Prof/ Sweilam pointed out that Mansoura University is keen to build bridges of cooperation with the People's Republic of China for its technological progress and its human cultural sciences, which is reflected in the development and internationalization of the human sciences sector at Mansoura University.

On his side Prof/ Ashraf Abdel Basset stressed that the University of Hubei is specialized in the humanities, education and rehabilitation of teachers, who are the basis of the pre-university education development, and this cooperation has a great impact on the renaissance of the humanities and language of the university within the framework of the special relations between Egypt and China.



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