The President of Mansoura University inspects the construction of the new liver transplantation building

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Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, inspected the structural processes of the new liver transplantation center at the Gastrointestinal surgery Center.

He also followed up the implementation of the construction according to the time schedule and followed up some cases of liver transplantation in the center.
During his visit the president congratulated the team of liver transplantation of faculty members and employees to reach the case number 600 for liver transplantation.

Prof/ Mohamed Abdel Wahab, confirmed that the center is currently working on the implementation of the political administration to overcome the waiting lists and the doctors' summer vacations have been canceled.

He added that it is possible to eliminate all waiting situations inside Egypt if there are possibilities to complete the new liver transplantation building which is the first specialized center for liver transplantation in Egypt.
He pointed out that the building needs the support of the state and charitable institutions and individuals for the speedy completion of Preparing the building to carry out its important medical role to completely eliminate waiting lists for liver transplantation in Egypt.

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