Launching the Pediatric Oncology Unit in the 7th floor of the Oncology Center at Mansoura University

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Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy – president of Mansoura University, launched the Pediatric Oncology Unit in the 7th floor of the Oncology Center, which is full donated by the fat united team.

The team has implemented a world-class developments in the Pediatric Oncology Unit with a capacity of 34 beds and 10 intensive care beds.
Prof/ Ahmed Mansoor reviewed the sections of the Pediatric oncology unit at the Oncology Center, stressed that the seventh floor will benefit the psychological aspect of the patients in addition to providing the children intensive care room next to the Department of Medicine Which contributes in saving the lives of a large number of patients.

prof/ Mohamed Hegazy thanked the Fat United team who volunteered to serve the center and did not delay the material support of the center once they learned the urgency to establish the intensive care unit in Pediatric Oncology Unit, he also thanked all who contributed to the opening of the Pediatric Oncology Unit.
Prof/ Saied Abdel-Hady praised the support of the university's president for the opening of the new portal for the Oncology Center, which will facilitate the movement of patients, and also praised the Fat United team, who provided a great model.

prof/ Mohamed Kenawy - President of Mansoura University pointed out said that what has been achieved was a dream for a while and has been achieved with a distinguished effort from the Oncology Department and with the support of Fat United team.

He added that it has saved time and effort that could have been done by traditional methods.

Prof/ Ahmed Al Shaarawy - Governor of Dakahlia, stressed the importance of the faith in any constructive idea and implementing it.

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