The President of Mansoura University inspects the first phase of the Nile Club facilities development plan

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Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, and prof/ Mahmoud El Meligy -Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, inspected the first phase of the Nile Club facilities development plan.

Accompanied by prof/ Mohammed Zuhri - Manager of the club and prof/ Nabil Balat - Engineering Supervisor and advisor to the University President for Engineering Affairs.

The development plan includes 3 phases that started in mid-2017 and end by the end of 2021

The first stage: is the establishment of an industrial playground and the children's corner.

The second stage: is the establishment of a big wedding hall and a luxurious restaurant.

The third stage: is a swimming pool.

Prof/ Zuhri gave a detailed explanation of the development work in the club, explained what has already been accomplished from the development plan and the requirements of completing the remaining work during the coming period.

Prof/ Mohammed Kenawy stressed the rapid completion of the first phase of the development plan according to the schedule and the required technical specifications, praising the level reached by the club and its response to the needs of club members and their 



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