Mansoura University receives the delegation of the evaluation of universities in the competition of the best Egyptian universities.

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Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdel Baset , Acting president of Mansoura university , received the delegation of evaluating the universities in the competition of the best Egyptian universities in Under guidance of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Republic , towards evaluating the universities in the best university competition. The delegation includes Mr. Tarek Kamal, Assistant Secretary General Council of Ministers for Government Relations, Lt. Col. Hamid Ismail - Administrative Control in Mansoura, Mr. Ehab - Head of the Central Administration of the Office of the Minister of Higher Education.
In the presence of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El Meligy, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Swailem, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Researches, Secretary General of the University and Assistant Secretaries, President of the Student Union.
The events of the visit began with a video presentation about the university and a presentation on the university's progress and development in the completion of many projects and objectives to provide the best services for students and linking them to community service and to facilitate the educational process as well as the interest of the university to international students.
The delegation also attended the celebration of the University of the 45th anniversary of the October victories and presented during the ceremony art shows for students from different faculties and a military parade for students of military education.
During the visit, the delegation inspected the laboratories of the electronics and communications engineering department, the soil measurement center, foundations and lecture halls in the building of the quality programs, and the nanotechnology center at the Faculty of Engineering. The delegation inspected the university city for female students. The delegation toured the center of communication technology and saw electronic management systems, the mobile application services , and Converting paper books to electronic courses implemented by the University recently.
The delegation inspected the medical services of the university students hospital and the procedures of the medical examination as well as the steps of the virus C scanning for Mansoura University students as well as the surgical procedures carried out inside the hospital. The delegation toured the Mansoura Manchester program in the Faculty of Dentistry. The delegation inspected a simulation model to qualify the students for the labor market. They inspected the mock court and attended a trial session in English at the Faculty of Law, as well as inspecting the library and digital library. The delegation inspected the Olympic Village and its playgrounds, the educational swimming pool and the fitness center, the squash court, the student activities center for students with special needs at the administration of students care

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