Mansoura University celebrates the 45th anniversary of the October victories with military and technical displays.

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The Students Care Department at Mansoura University organized the Carnival of the University students on the occasion of the October victories as part of the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the October 1973 war victories.
The event was attended by Dr. Ashraf Abdel Basset, Acting President of Mansoura University, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El Meligy, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Swailam, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Mr. Osama Moussa, Secretary General of the University , Mr Mohamed Abd Elatif , assistant Secretary for Education and Student affairs, Mr. Saad Abdel Wahab, Assistant Secretary for Administrative Affairs, Colonel Tamer Al Awadi, Director of the department of Military Education, and a number of Deans, professors of faculties , The delegation was also attended by the delegation of the evaluation of universities in the competition of the best Egyptian universities and includes Mr. Tarek Kamal, Assistant Secretary General of the Council of Ministers for Government Relations, Lt. Col. Hamid Ismail, Administrative Control in Mansoura, Mr. Ehab, Head of the Central Administration of the Office of the Minister of Higher Education.
The carnival included a presentation of the students of military education during which the students presented military and sports shows that showed the commitment and hard training of the college students. They carried the flag of Egypt during the parade 120 meters long . The carnival included performances of various faculties. The colleges decorated the vehicles with flowers and the students performed an exemplary performance of the battles of the tanks and the victories during the October War and the families of Colonel Assaf Yaguri, also students from the Syrian and Yemeni communities, participated in the celebration with national dress.
Dr. Ashraf Abdel Basset presented greetings to the students of military education and the students of different faculties for the wonderful organization which reflects the national spirit to celebrate this great victory. He also congratulated all the sects of the Egyptian people and leadership on the victory of October victory of pride and dignity and the restoration of the land. He assured that October victory is an exceptional event in the history of the Egyptian military, which was able to achieve the victory and peace we live in now ,the path to this victory required effort, planning and patience to achieve victory thanks to the youth of Egypt loyal .

The Egyptian army has presented many models of sacrifice and redemption and still gives more during his war on terror, we must always inspire the spirit of October to achieve more victories in all fields to raise our precious Egypt.

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