Announcing the opening of the 2017 Scientific Publishing Center incentives

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The Graduate Studies and Research Sector announces the opening of the scientific publishing incentives awards for research published in 2017 from 1/11/2018 to 15/11/2018, in order to facilitate the faculty members to complete the required procedures in sufficient time.
 Those who wish to apply for the completion of their research registration for the year 2017 only on the academic data site of the faculty members on the university page and sent to the site dedicated to incentives for scientific publishing.

* Subject to the following conditions:
--- Scientific publishing incentives awards are submitted electronically to the site allocated through the academic data of the faculty member.
--- Name of the University of Mansoura should be mentioned in published research and exclude researches that do not mentioned the name of Mansoura University.
When submitting the first page of the published research, the page of the latest ( IF Hindex Citation )of the journal published electronically should be considered.
--- An ratification of the validity of the mentioned data shall be submitted to the applicant with the identification of the Principal researcher, and the ratification shall be submitted as a PDF file with the submitted research
--- For the masters of the Mansoura University with researches who are Lending abroad or home, they are treated as a working professor within the university.
--- Exception of researchers and participants from outside the university of the participants in the research where the value of the research is calculated on all the number of participants in the research and then the exclusion of the amount of the foreign participant.
--- The full publication incentive may be given to a professor participant with foreigners if the name of the member is the first in the published research
--- The value of the winning research shall be paid in the name of the applicant and it is his responsibility to distribute the value of the reward to the participants in the research.
Taking into consideration the report of plagiarism on the research provided. Click here for more info
--- It is not permissible to apply for research more than once, and in the case of repeated presentation for the same research, the award will be canceled in the case of winning * The need to close the research and transmission so that it can appear on the site of arbitration.
** For more information on the rules and how to calculate the incentives for scientific publication for the year 2017 approved by the University Council. Press here.



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