Program of research visits between the two Egyptian and German sides

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provide joint support for the exchange of scientific visits through the Mobility Program which has joint support ,The program aims to support young researchers (Masters and PhD students) through a joint research project for a period of up to two years. It also encourages partnerships between the Egyptian and German sides and to enhance cooperation and transfer of technology.
Conditions: A research project team headed by the principal researcher (PI) should be composed of faculty members, scientists and academics from universities and research institutes, and the teams should not exceed five members. •
The project proposal should contain the objectives, details, possible outputs and achievable objectives of the project and the biography of the principal researcher and list of its publications over the past five years and a list of other projects.
Documents required:.
  1. Application form at the following link:
  2. Biography of all members of the Egyptian and German team
  3. List of publications of the Egyptian and German main researcher (PIs)
  4. Approval of the Egyptian employer for the main researcher
  5. Outline showing the time frame for carrying out project tasks / activities
  6.  The deadline for introducing is 10 January

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