Announcement of job of consultant and cultural councelor2018 at the Egyptian cultural offices abroad

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The Cultural affairs and missions department of the ministry of higher education announces the job of Cultural Counselor in both Paris and London Riyadh , Washington after the expiry of the current cultural counselor, the deadline for introducing is 14 /11/2018 ,in accordance with the stated conditions: Click here

And Cultural counselor in Canada (Nouakchott, Muscat, Istanbul, Kano, Kuwait) after the expiry of his current cultural counselor.according to the announced conditions click here

How to Apply:

  1. The electronic form for the job to be submitted will be completed through the website of the Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector (
  2. A Functional status statement of the applicant shall be attached to the electronic form of the job to be applied, provided that he is accredited by the employer and issued a recent date, which shall include the following data: Date of birth Qualifications graduation date and date of penalties ,Sanctions Scientific missions, Vacations, internal and external mandates Submit the original statement of the functional status referred to in the performance of personal interviews.
  3. The applicant shall be informed of the date of performance of the interview scheduled for him by fax to the employer or e-mail of the applicant or any other means.
  4. Inquiries will be received by e-mail to the Cultural affairs and Missions Sector at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  5. You must apply for one of the total posts advertised and if you apply for more than one job, the applicant is permanently excluded from the above.


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