The opening of a new unit of interventional catheterization for the treatment of atherosclerosis at Mansoura University Hospital

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Dr. Ashraf Abdel Baset, head of the University of Mansoura University, opened the interventional catheterization unit at the hospital's vascular surgery department to treat critical hemorrhages in the blood cycle as part of the state's tendency to end waiting lists for patients with Blood vessels surgery.

In the presence of Prof. Dr. Said Abdel-Hadi, Dean of Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Shaarawy Kamal, Director General of Mansoura University Hospitals, Prof. Dr. Mossaad Soliman, Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery, and a number of professors and faculty members.

Prof Dr Mossad pointed out that this unit is the second unit in the university hospital for cases of critical deficiencies in blood circulation in order to eliminate the waiting lists.

Dr. Shaarawy Kamal said that the main hospital works with a capacity of 1500 beds in various specialties and provides free medical services to every patient in the Delta governorates, but extends to other governorates.

Dr. Abdel-Hady pointed out the qualitative excellence of the department of vascular surgery, which is an important and precise specialty that treats thousands of patients annually. The department develops continuously and there are outstanding medical expertise in this field. He added that the university administration is responsible for providing financial and logistic support to achieve distinguished service at the highest level of expertise trained from the members of the department of vascular surgery as well as reduce the financial burden on citizens.

For his part, Dr. Ashraf Abdel Basset said that the unit is a new addition to the department of vascular surgery to treat thousands of patients on the department and to accommodate the increasing numbers through new expansions by opening these units and will soon be opening the center of vascular surgery, which is a breakthrough for patients , He also noted the important role of community participation among hospitals, the surrounding community and medical support bodies to help provide medical services to thousands of patients in the efforts exerted by the State to treat patients and ending waiting lists.


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