Progress of Mansoura University in the classification of international universities

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Mansoura University ranked in the classification according to the ranking of international universities CWUR World University Rankings 2018/2019, where Mansoura University ranked third after Cairo University and Ain Shams University.Prof. Dr. Ashraf Swailem, Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research, pointed out that Mansoura University is the top of regional universities in Egypt due to the number of scientific researches and excellence of academic and educational staff and efficiency.Prof. Ashraf Abdel Baset, acting president of Mansoura University, stressed that the University's commitmentand its staff to excellence is what drives it towards excellence, not only at the local and regional level, but also internationally, especially that the name of the University of Mansoura recently appeared in several scientific journals such as Alnetsher and others.The University Rankings (CWUR World) is an academic ranking of international universities with a list of the top 1000 of the eighteen thousand universities worldwide


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