President of Mansoura University receives Professor of Japanese National Institute of Science and Technology

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Prof. Dr. Abdel-Basset, President of Mansoura University, received Prof. Tomohiro Tamura, Professor at the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology , On the sidelines of his visit to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University , met with Dr. Nabil Abou Heikal, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Adel Abdel Khalek Director of Health Food Control and Director of Food Safety and Health Program, and Prof. Dr. Khaled Salam - Professor of Meat Hygiene Control.
The visit aims to give a lecture to the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to discuss the joint scientific cooperation between the National Institute of Science and Technology to produce materials of medical and industrial value from beneficial bacteria living in soil and water.
The Japanese prof presented a lecture entitled "Microbe and Ducox for the synthesis of proteins of important industrial value in the medical and pharmaceutical fields for the treatment of cancerous tumors and other diseases and increase immunity."


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