President of Mansoura University receives delegation of "Unified Government Complaints" at the Council of Ministers

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Dr. Ashraf Abdel Baset, President of Mansoura University, received the delegation of the unified government complaints system under the Cabinet headed by Dr. Tarek Rifai, head of complaints system at the Cabinet and General Ayman Gamal, director of government monitoring and field support.
The visit comes within the framework of the implementation of Presidential Decree No. 314 of 2017 and the Prime Minister's Decision No. (1855) of 2018 concerning the establishment of the unified government complaints system and the reorganization of the offices of citizens' services.
The delegation reviewed the mechanism of implementing the unified complaints system at Mansoura University through the establishment of branch offices in various colleges, hospitals, centers and its affiliated units to receive complaints and follow up with the responsible departments and solve these problems and respond to them.
Dr. Ashraf Abdel Basset stressed that the university is continuously working to improve the level of services offered and development, whether educational or medical, and the service of the surrounding community in light of the aspirations of citizens to obtain the best service, especially in the hospital sector. . He pointed out that the University closely follows the complaints of citizens through the Office of Complaints and works hard to follow up, resolve and respond with the concerned departments.
Dr. Tareq Al-Rifai also reviewed the plan to expand the unified complaint system through holding a workshop to collect complaints from the university and its various units. The report also mentioned that there are several sources to receive complaints from citizens, including hotline (16528) On the Internet as well as a positive application on the mobile phone to monitor and resolve complaints.



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