The President of Mansoura University is studying the first semester exams of the faculties of Commerce, Science and Education

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Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basset, President of Mansoura University, inspected the first semester exams in the faculties of commerce, science and Education for the academic year 2018-2019 which starts from 13/12/2018 and ends on 24/1/2019.
During his visit to the Faculty of Commerce , Dr Ashraf was received by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Atwa, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Prof. Tarek Ghaloush, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education Students, Prof. Ahmed Yahya Obaid, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Samah Tarek Hafez, Vice Dean of Community service and environmental development.
The president of the university asked the students about the difficulty of the exams and the number of questions and their suitability for the exam time to learn about the students' views on the system of examinations "multiple choice".
Dr. Mohamed Atwa stressed the importance of providing calm atmosphere to enable students to reach the highest levels of concentration. He pointed out that the College always seeks to overcome all obstacles that may affect the progress of the examination process. He also assured the presence of professors of the material on a daily basis during the exams to solve any problems that students can face , the availability of medical staff and an ambulance to face any emergencies, they also follow-up examinations within the halls through the system of monitoring cameras to monitor any attempt to cheat during the examinations.
The president of the university also inspected the exams in the faculty of science .Dr Adel Al Genidy, the dean of the Faculty received him , Prof. Hosny Ghazala, Vice Dean for education and Students affairs, Dr. Osama Al-Olayan, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research , and Prof. Dr. Rizk Mustafa - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development.
Dr. Adel Al-Genidy stressed on the progress of the examination process and the division of students in proportional numbers and the presence of heads of departments within the committees to respond to students' inquiries about the new examination system "multiple choice".
He also inspected the exams at the Faculty of Education, where he was received by Prof. Dr. Asma Mustafa, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. Zubaydah Karany, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs, Dr. Mohamed El Agamy, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, - Dr Mahmoud Mandouh , Vice Dean of the Faculty of Community Service and Environmental Development.The President of the University inspected during the tour some special committees for the health cases of some students and asked them about any complaint during the performance of examinations.

Dr. Asmaa Mustafa explained that all the control devices were equipped with the printing machines of the questions of the new system "Multi-choice and scanning devices (scanar)" and high-quality computers to make the electronic correction process and monitor grades for each student with high accuracy and follow the work of exams through the heads Sections and heads of control.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdel Basset said that the university applies a new system of "multiple choice" examinations to various faculties to ensure integrity and transparency during the examinations. In some colleges, the percentage of these tests is 30% and 100% in some other colleges.