Mansoura University Inaugurates the First Vertebral Fossils Center in the Middle East

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Prof. Tarek Shawki, the Minister of Education and Technical Education and Chairman of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, together with Dr. Yasmine Salah Fouad, the Environment Minister, Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basset, the President of Mansoura University, and Prof. Hisham Sallam, the director of Mansoura University Vertebral Fossils Center, have inaugurated the official opening of the vertebrate fossils centerat the Faculty of Science in Mansoura University. The center is the first specialized center for vertebrate fossils in the Middle East.

The official opening has been announced in a big inauguration ceremony organized by the Egyptian Knowledge Bank in collaboration with Springer Nature in recognition of scientific research and researchers. This is also a way to support Egyptian researchers and get people know about their success stories.
International organizations representatives were present in the ceremony and among them were UNESCO representatives.
The center includes many vertebrate fossils of geological ages dating back tens or even hundreds of millions of years. It is the only center in the Middle East and North Africa that is interested in studying the natural heritage of vertebrate fossils and published more than 20 international research papers well-known in international scientific journals such as Nature. These papers documented the new types of creatures that lived before the emergence of humans millions of years ago. The most important finding of the Center is a new type of dinosaurs that has never been not discovered before and was named "Mansourasaurus" after Mansoura University