Mansoura University celebrates the graduation of the 44th batch at the Faculty of Pharmacy


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Mansoura University celebrates the graduation of the 44th batch at the Faculty of Pharmacy
On Wednesday 5th September 2018, the faculty of Pharmacy celebrated the graduation of the 44th batch, at prof/ Abo Alnaga Hall - Faculty of Medicine- Mansoura University.
In the presence of Prof/ Kamal Jad Sharolim - Governor of Dakahlia, Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, Prof/ Ashraf Abdel Basset -Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, pro/ Nahed bAl Anany – dean of the faculty, the faculty vice deans in addition to a set of faculty staff members and parent.
Prof/ Rasha Barwa noted that the anniversary of the graduation day is a memorable day and it is a watershed between academic and practical life.
Prof/ Yasser Al-Shabrawy congratulated the graduates and considered that graduation is a means to a great goal, which is to serve the community with sincerity.
Prof/ Nahed Al Anani confirmed that the 44th batch is the first batch to apply the credit hours system.
She also praised the activities of the students in this installment during their studies where they contributed to the establishment of the educational pharmacy in the faculty and in several seminars and conferences organized by the faculty.

Prof/ Mohamed kenawy, mentioned that parents are the foundation of the success achieved by the graduates for their continued cooperation with these graduates.
He also urged them to continue communication with the faculty through completion of graduate studies to improve their scientific and practical skills.
Prof/ Ashraf Abdel Basset, praised the efforts exerted by the faculty of Pharmacy, which contribute to raising the classification of Mansoura University through research published by the faculty members of the faculty in international journals.
Prof/Kamal Jad Sharolim, urged the graduates to be proud of graduating in a prestigious university such as Mansoura University and expressed his happiness for attending such ceremony .