The Minister of Higher Education honors the President of Mansoura University and the research team of the Mansourasaurus dinosaur

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, prof/ Khaled Abd Algafar, received prof/ Mohamed Kenawy - President of Mansoura University and the research team of the Mansourasaurus dinosaur.
The meeting was attended by prof/ Adel Al-Junaidi - Dean of the Faculty of Science, prof/ Azza Ismail - former Dean of the Faculty of Science, prof/ Hisham Salam - Director of Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology (MUVP) and research team.
The Minister thanked the research team and expressed his happiness at the presence of this constellation of scientists, he pointed out that this discovery will change the course of history and that this discovery is the first of an Egyptian research team in Africa and the Middle East.
The Minister honored the research team with the Ministry Medal and affirmed the Ministry's total support and encouragement for the team by providing all required scientific capabilities to complete their discoveries in the field of Egyptian natural heritage.
A fund from the Science and Technological Development (STDF), will be available for the team beside 4 scholarships in the major universities specialized in vertebrate research to develop their skills in this specialization within the framework of the Presidential Program and the rehabilitation of young people.
The Minister also pointed out that publishing this discovery in the journal Nature is an indication of the importance of this discovery which sheds light on a mysterious period in the history of dinosaurs in the Africa 70 - 80 million years ago.
On his part prof/ Kenawy, mentioned that Mansourasaurus dinosaur solves the 30 million-year-old mystery in Africa that preceded the extinction of dinosaur.
Prof/ Hisham Salam - head of the research team, pointed out that the great discovery of the new dinosaur dates back to December 2013, the first discovery of a nearly complete dinosaur in the oasis of Dakhla and Al-Kharja, It was extracted in March 2014 and Since then studies on dinosaur have been conducted, Announced that this discovery has received the scientific number (MUVP-200), which is appreviation for Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology.
Prof/ Hisham also pointed out that the same research team is on the verge of discovering another species of dinosaurs and the full details will not be announced till the scientific study is completed.



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