Mansoura University hosts the second orientation of HOPES project

Prof/ Ashraf Abdel Basset - Vice President of Mansoura University for Education and Student Affairs, received a delegation from the British Council, included Mr. Hari Haines - Regional Director of HOPES Project in the Middle East and North Africa, Ms. Hala Ahmed - Academic Director of the project.
After the enlightenment meeting of HOPES project funded by the European Union’s Regional trust fund in response to the Syrian Crisis.
Its worth to mention that Mansoura University is the first university in the Middle East and North Africa to implement the project in addition to the presence of 5 students who have received the Master of the total 19 scholarships in the Republic, provided to Syrian students studying at Mansoura University. 
A level test will be conducted for HEEAP accepted students after the announcement of their names.


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