Mansoura University Tops the Shanghai University Ranking for 2019

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 Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basset, President of Mansoura University, announced that  Mansoura University is the top Egyptian university in accordance with the results of the Chinese Ranking of Universities for 2019, which was approved of today by the Ministry  of Higher Education. It asserted the inclusion of Mansoura University occupying distinguished positions among other 16 Egyptian universities and the American University in Cairo. It is among the top 500 universities worldwide in 54 scientific disciplines in Engineering, Natural, Biological, Medical and Social Sciences. The president asserted that that the results of this ranking show the progress of Mansoura University in scientific research and its occupation of distinguished positions locally and internationally because of its distinguished reputation. This also has to do with to the efforts of its faculty members, researchers and their international publications in international journals especially Nature and Science. Moreover, the university has increased the incentives of international publication to encourage researchers and scientists to publish their papers internationally especially Applied Sciences Researches that serve the community in many ways. He indicated the ranking includes 5 major disciplines; Engineering, Natural, Biological, Medical, and Social Sciences. In the field of natural sciences, the University of Mansoura was included for the first time in the field of mathematics and the university ranked second in the ranking (401 - 500), where 3 Egyptian universities achieved good positions among the top 500 universities worldwide.

In the field of engineering, Mansoura University ranked fourth among five universities in the field of Electrical Electronic Engineering 401-500. The
results showed the distinction of Mansoura University in the field of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Mansoura University ranked fourth among 4
universities (201-300(. In the field of Oral and Dental Sciences, Mansoura University ranked third among four universities (201-300(. Four Universities
were included in Clinical Medicine, Mansoura University topped them all 101-150. In the field of Veterinary Medicine , Mansoura University ranked first
(among 8 universities (101-150).



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