Mansoura University Ranks First in Egypt According to Times

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University Ranking Mansoura University
ranked first among Egypt's universities, and 137th among the universities of emerging economies, with a ranking of 601-800 globally. It ranked 201-300 in Health and Medical Specialties, and 601-800 in the fields of Engineering and Technology, Physical and Biological Sciences. Prof. Abdel Basset, President of Mansoura University, stated that this ranking is a new deserved achievement taking place due to the efforts of the of Mansoura University faculty members and staff over the past years. Mansoura University academics worked really hard to improve the quality of education and research to reach the top among many prestigious universities in the region. He added that the university intends to keep up its continuous development based on modern standards for the development of scientific and educational structure through international partnerships with counterparts in higher education institutions and the business sectors.