The President of Mansoura University holds the first meeting of the Board of Assistants of the President of the University

On Wednesday 6th March 2018, prof/ Mohamed Kenawy - president of Mansoura University, held the first meeting with the members of the university's assistants' council from the faculty's assistant staff.
In the presence of prof/ Ashraf Sweilem - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research.
Prof/ kenawy pointed out that the Council of Assistants completed the idea project launched by President/ Abd Al- Fattah Al-Sisi for the Presidential Program for Youth Rehabilitation.

Prof/ Kenawy also stressed that the new council's tasks are to formulate new ways to improve the scientific research and international dissemination of the university in the field of applied sciences and humanities, as well as rehabilitating young faculty members for international scholarships and competitive projects.

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