Seminar on awareness of the fourth generation wars and plans of failure of the State in the Faculty of Commerce Mansoura University

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Prof . Dr. Ashraf Abdel Baset, Acting President of Mansoura University, received Major General Yasser Abdel Aziz, Strategic Expert and Advisor at Nasser Higher Military Academy, on the sidelines of the" Fourth Generation Wars and State Failure Plans "organized by the Department of Cultural Activity General administration of Student Welfare at Mansoura University in cooperation with the Department of Military Education on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, in the course of Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Mahdy at the Faculty of Commerce.

The seminar was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Atwa, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, Dr. Samah Tarek, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Lt. Col. Tamer Al Awady, Director of Military Education Department, Mansoura University, Mr Mohamed Abd El latif ,The Assistant University for Education and Student Affairs, students of military education at Mansoura University, and a number of faculty members of the university.
The seminar discusses the danger of the fourth generation wars and the awareness of the role of these non-conventional wars in the destruction of the stability of countries, the responsibility of the Confrontation of the schemes aimed at destabilizing the homeland.


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