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Belongingness Initiative to Support Young Researchers
As Mansoura University seeks to be recognized worldwide as a leading research university in Egypt, President Prof. Alsayed Abel-Khalek, the president of Mansoura University launched this initiative to reflect his belief in the importance of scientific research in improving the quality of education. Prof. Alsayed Abel-Khalek calls for giving full care of the future researchers to be able to compete internationally and to improve the university outcomes through helping them acquire the skills and abilities to pursuit continuous development after graduation and to engage in the labor market.
President Alsayed Abel-Khalek invites the Egyptian scientists and staff members who graduated in Mansoura University and are affiliated in the different universities in the world who hold academic positions and are distinguished in their fields, to the initiative of belongingness. This initiative aims to take advantage of the minds migrating abroad, and re-connect them to Mansoura University and benefit from their universities to upgrade the educational process in Mansoura University by providing scholarships in universities abroad for junior faculty members including teaching assistants, demonstrators, and researchers in Mansoura University.

Initiatives can be sent directly to the president's e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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