News Archive 2017

Title Created Date
A seminar to identify the grants of the United States Agency for International Development "USAID" 16 March 2017
The 13th ICCRD-2017 Conference on Chemical Sciences 14 March 2017
The use of synthetic biology and advanced industrial biotechnology for an accelerated transition in a seminar – faculty of pharmacy 03 March 2017
Biorisk Management Workshop – Mansoura University 16 February 2017
The end ceremony of the second Stage of the University of Child project 11 February 2017
Mansoura university student's delegation at the seventh student families Festival – Canal Suez University 09 February 2017
Mansoura university students achieved the fourth position at the young researcher's conference – Aswan 09 February 2017
The Innovation and Technology Commercialization Office (TICO) grant 08 February 2017
The parents' representative praises Mansoura University at the sixth international batch graduation ceremony 02 February 2017
A new English training courses "Hopes" - Mansoura University 02 February 2017
Discussing a medical cooperation between Mansoura University and the Education Committee- House of Representatives 02 February 2017
President of Mansoura University opened the Sixth Cardiology International Scientific Conference 01 February 2017
President of Mansoura University follows up the new extensions at the Emergency hospital 01 February 2017
The National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation honoring the president of Mansoura University 29 January 2017
Celebrating the graduation of 132 graduate of the Mansoura Manchester Program for Medical Education 26 January 2017
Captain Sayed Abd Alhafeez visiting the Oncology center 24 January 2017
Egypt innovate ICT award by the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center 24 January 2017
Mansoura University producing a healthy bread of barley flour 22 January 2017
Mansoura International Ophthalmology Congress 19 January 2017
Preliminary arrangements of the of Mansoura International Conference "Scientific Research and Technological Innovation" 14 January 2017
President of Mansoura University visiting the faculty of Tourism and Hotels 10 January 2017
Discussing the cooperation between Mansoura University and Paris University 09 January 2017
Mansoura University discussing the developed solar cells Project 08 January 2017
President of Mansoura University honoring a Faculty of Pharmacy researcher 05 January 2017
Opening the "Visions Gallery" – Faculty of Fine Arts 04 January 2017
The Iraqi ambassador at Mansoura University 03 January 2017
President of Mansoura University follows up the new Cardiothoracic-surgery center 03 January 2017
A cooperation protocol between Mansoura University and Connecticut University- United States 01 January 2017