The Pre- University Education in a workshop at Mansoura University

On Tuesday 25th July 2017, and under the auspice of prof/ Mohamed Kenawy – president of Mansoura university, a work shop entitled "the pre- university problems", was organized by the community service and environmental development sector, under the chairmanship of prof/ Zaki Zidan – vice – president for community service and environmental development affairs, and the presence of prof/ Ashraf Sweilam – vice –president for post graduates and research affairs, prof/ Al Helaly Al Sherbiny – Ex- Minister of Education and a set of interested university staff members.
The workshop discussed four main issues:
• General and Technical problems facing the pre- university education, by prof/Ibrahim Gar Al Alam Rashid – former Dean of the faculty of Engineering.
• Current situation assessment under the national and international academic standards for education quality, by prof/ Asmaa Mustafa- Dean of the faculty of Education and Director of the Quality Assurance Center – Mansoura University.
• International and local experiences of education development, by prof/ Hanaa Abdu Abbas – Vice –Dean of the faculty of Specific Education.
• Social classification and the road to social justice, by prof/ Tharwat Al Deeb – Head of the Sociology Department – faculty of Arts.
The workshop concluded by drafting recommendations and forming teamwork to set mechanisms and execute them.
On his side prof/ Kenawy, assured the importance of education as a national security issue and that all the educational problems should be solved within a clear strategic plan.
By the end Prof/ Zidan, gave his thanks for all the presence and the workshop organization teamwork.

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