Sixteenth International Water Technology Conference IWTC, Istanbul, Turkey, from 7 – 10 May2012

President of Mansoura University, Prof. Al-Sayed Abdel-Khalek participates in the Sixteenth International Water Technology Conference IWTC, Istanbul, Turkey, from 7 – 10 May2012

The conference is organized by The International Water Technology Association (IWTA) in Alexandria , Egypt in cooperation with Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey. The chairman of the conference was Prof. Magdy Abou Rayan, President of International Water Technology Association & IWTC16 and the former president of Mansoura University.

The conference was held in the presence of many organizations and bodies, scientists and researchers in the field of Water Technology from 40 countries around the world, headed by Professor Alsayed Ahmed Abdel-Khalek, President of Mansoura University on behalf of the Minister of Higher Education and a delegation of 10 professors, scientists and researchers from the Faculty of Engineering, under the auspices of His Highness Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The conference aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving water resources and rational use through modern technology to purify drinking water, distribution and use of remote sensing to assess water resources and means of sewage treatment and improve the quality of drinking water. The conference discussed the best practices for the use of groundwater and the study of transboundary waters. The conference has presented the most recent technological and scientific developments associated with the water technology, environment, hydraulics, hydrology, ecology water resources and related sciences. The conference has been an opportunity to bring together scholars, scientists, experts and researchers confronting end users, managers, decision makers and stakeholders from universities, institutes, agencies and authorities all over the world. They have discussed and developed a general framework for minimizing and retarding the increasing deterioration in water quality. Issues of water quality, contamination, remediation, restoration, purification, treatment technologies, as well as other related topics, are essential to the future of the humanity welfare. The Conference Topics included Hydrology and Water Resources, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures, Water Treatment Technology, Water Policies, and Agricultural issues.

The conference discussed over the four days during the 27 meetings of scientific 136 scientific papers included GIS and remote sensing applications and industrial water treatment and hydraulic and climate change, water resources and artificial recharge of water and geothermal water and irrigation technology and the exchange and reuse of wastewater networks and treatment plants.
Prof. Alsayed Ahmed Abdel-Khalek, Rector of Mansoura University, in his talk stressed the importance of the conference theme and vitality because water is the source of life for all living organisms and the large number of related topics in the fields of technical, legal, environmental, and various health and perhaps especially the issue of water poverty. He also stressed the importance of exchanging experiences and different views between the countries participating in the conference and cooperation at various levels of scientific, administrative and operational access to the results and development projects according to different countries in the management of the problems of water and deal with them. He confirmed his call for different researchers to visit, Mansoura University. His Highness Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz expressed his desire to visit the university.

Prof. Magdy Abou Rayan, chairman of the Conference pointed out in his speech that the conference has already established itself as a key event in which the most influential researchers in the different Water-related fields and regulators from related governmental bodies and firms can come together to exchange insights and to influence each other’s' agendas. He added that this 16th session is an important mark in the history of this organization as it is the first time to be organized outside Egypt. The number of participants has increased presenting 40 countries. The hosting organization is the remarkable Fatih University. He also thanked Prof. Dr. Serif Ali Tekalan Rector of Fatih University and the team of organization in Fatih University headed by Prof. Cevdet Meric Dean of Engineering faculty, for their continuous hard work in the organization of this conference, and for their hospitality. He also extended his gratitude and appreciation for the the encouragement and support received from his Royal Highness, Prince Khaled Ben Sultan Ben Abdulaziz; His royal support has assured the continuity of Association activities since 2004 up to now.

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