Honoring the winners and the opening of new units and sections during Seventh festival of science day 2012 Mansoura University

Honoring the winners and the opening of new units and sections during Seventh festival of science day 2012 Mansoura University
The University has established the science day ceremony VII 2012 on Monday 5/11/2012 to honor scientists and researchers winners of State prizes, the University and scientific excellence and bodies and individuals awards under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bashir, Minister of higher education and Prof. Alsayed Ahmed Abdel Khalek University President , Prof. Magda Nasr Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
Addressed the honorees at the ceremony Prof. Mohamed Abdel Wahab , professor of gastrointestinal surgery and pioneer of liver transplantation at the university and the owner of the Personality of the Year Award, which have been developed for the first time this year.
Where he congratulated colleagues honored scientists and researchers and asked them to exert more effort, tender, and giving back to the country that we did not skimp on education, certification and degrees and administrative positions, and said it is time, especially in these circumstances that the country is going through to do our duty before we demand our rights
Prof. Magda Nasr indicated in her speech that today's celebration is a tribute to the constellation of distinguished scientists in the graduate studies sector and from the conviction of the University in the development of scientific research, for the university ranked 96 at classification of World Times did not come out of the blue, the University plan to create and renew the Central laboratories and expansion of research centers and the establishment of an Office of patents and support scientific research through competitive projects, where this year has supported 29 competitive research and got 28 regional and international project and activate the 150 with international and regional actors also got 9 missions and scientific task of the total 185 researcher at the Republic level and dissemination of 600 international search.
In his speech, the University President congratulated the honored and thanked the audience, stressing that honoring scientists today is a tribute to the value of science to their importance to nation-building, the scientists are owner's message bear the Secretariat of scientific research and pointed to the university is looking to be a global university, where it was agreed to issue 3 global magazines
Currently agreed to publish more international journals, and stated that it was agreed to pay attention to scientific research in diseases fields of the region, and water research with fund of 2 million pounds of fund research and update electronic laboratories, also Electronic microscope was purchased for $ 7 million pounds, and a NMR for $ 4 million pounds and that under the attention and continuous development of the University.
And higher education Minister affirmed during the ceremony on the University of Mansoura replete with names of scientists with the greatest minds, pointing out that today's ceremony is known as a sophisticated and supreme tradition, make us feel the dignity of science, Mansoura University also called to be her first nationwide initiative to establish the first University of eligibility, he added that the ministry is on the verge of completion of the project for the development of higher education for 10 years to come, where the ministry looked forward to the presence of 100 public and private universities And the establishment of private universities with civil society initiatives to bring the number of collectors to 3.5 million students.
Therefore armors, medals and certificates of appreciation were awarded to honorees prizewinners of the State Incentive and scientific excellence for the years 2010/2011 and obtaining the DSC Science PhD, personality of the year, the prizewinners on the university
Following that, the Minister accompanied by the university president and the Deans of the University leaders after the end of the ceremony visit the College of engineering and the opening of some new units and sections simulation lab included in civil engineering, Faculty of Engineering Forum, and programmed machine shop, software quality building, visit Communication and Information Technology Center and access to it's programs and electronic systems, Surgical Oncology Center and opened the sixth and seventh floor, Room 2 and room care center, then the Minister by laying the foundation stone of the Centre for cardio-thoracic surgery and blood vessels to join the specialized medical centers system in University, following that everyone went to visit digestive surgery center and the opening of an outpatient center. At the end of the round, the delegation visit el Republic City for female students

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