Symposium on mathematical economics Conference Olympic sports organizations creations to develop sports achievement

Organized College of physical education-Mansoura University Conference on the creations of the Olympic sports organizations to develop mathematical achievement on Wednesday 7/11/2012 under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Musaad, Minister of higher education and Mr. Al-Amri Farouk, Minister of State for sports, Prof.Alsayed Ahmed Abdel Khalek, Mansoura University President  in cooperation with the physical education by the Supreme Council of universities and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum creative sports in Dubai.
The conference included several seminars on mathematical economics lectured by Prof. Alsayed Ahmed Abdel Khalek, University President emphasized that stop sports activity is economic disaster resulting in cessation of employment, especially the mathematical economics is now the most powerful aspects in support of many countries, including Egypt, and University President added that mathematical economics in Egypt became in a case of destruction of this stop and this appears evident in Egyptian clubs, pointing out that so far have not found a real study of mathematical economics for three years, the decision maker in Egypt must examine the decision well before issuing either stop or play for the gravity of this decision, he wondered about the size of the sports jobs entry demonstrating that the Organization of the University of Mansoura to Egyptian universities Youth week was the reason for the establishment of the Olympic village, the sports stadium and University hotel at a cost of 150 million pounds and created this construction with thousands of jobs and generating income for the whole hotel as well as village courts that help in increasing income
He wondered what if we closed all of this ? and its impact on workers in this field ? and what will be represented this matter of a real disaster in this vital area thereby increasing the size of the money lost due to this downtime . Also Prof. Mohammed keshk , Dean of the Faculty of physical education and the Rapporteur of the Conference stressed that the main objective of the Conference was how to take advantage of the experience and proposals for sports innovation through the development of creativity in education and training and technical performance of the sports deals and achieve the message of mathematical creativity award sponsored by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in addition to the effective role of the media in the sports creativity .
Conference discussions addressed several topics included administrative performance creations of the Olympic committees and sports federations on the local and international level and discussion of Olympic Solidarity grants to upgrade athletes in developing countries
Share Conference Dr. Ahmed El-Sherif, General Secretary of Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Maktoum award, Dr. Mohammed Sobhi Hassanein, head of the physical education of the Supreme Council for University, Dr. Kamal Darwish, head of the Ministry's Scientific Committee, Issam Al-hilali, Secretary General of the Sports Federation for universities, Prof. Mohammad Hassan Allawi, a Professor of sports psychology. Dr. Mohamed subeh, a Professor of internal medicine and Nephrology, Faculty of medicine, m. Dr. Saad Shalaby official Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Creative Sports and member of the Technical Committee for the award. Attended the conference deans of colleges and a group of professors of the Faculty of Physical Education and students .

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