Nanotechnology Center gets a Capacity Building Grant worth 4.78 Million Pounds

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Nanotechnology Center in Mansoura University succeeded in getting a capacity building grant for one year provided by the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF) worth 4.78 million pounds. Only 17 projects were selected out of 90 projects which competed for this grant at the level of the Egyptian universities.
A team of distinguished faculty members from various colleges of the Mansoura University, headed by Prof. Mohamed Nabil Saad Eddin Sabri, director of the Nanotechnology Center applied for the project. The team includes Prof. Ahmed Shakir, director of the Urology and Nephrology and Center,  Fikry Risha (Faculty of Science), Prof. Magda Akl (Faculty of  Science), Prof. Mahmoud Abu Dahab (Faculty of Science), Prof. Yahia Allazek (Faculty of  Science), Dr Elham Abdel-Moneim (Faculty of Pharmacy), Dr. Hossam Saad Eddin (Faculty of Engineering), Dr. Ali Fuda (Faculty of Engineering), Asmaa Al-Awadi (Faculty of Engineering), Amira Sobhy (Faculty of Medicine) Shaimaa Ibrahim (Faculty of Engineering), Mohammad Aladdin (Faculty of Science).



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