Opening the Anatomy Department Museum in Faculty of Medicine

 Prof. Al-Sayed Ahmed abd El-Khalek, President of Mansoura University, has opened the anatomy department museum in Faculty of Medicine on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 after modernizing it with the latest modern technology. The opening was attended by Prof. Ehab Saad, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Adel Al-Hwary Head of Anatomy Dept., and Prof. Mohamed Salah El-Dian Hamed, anatomy professor.
The museum includes 240 preserved samples of human organs; some of them were imported from Germany. The museum provides educational services for students of the Faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Clinical Pharmacy, and some specializations in Faculty of Science, as well as post graduate students in different specializations of surgery. In addition, it provides services of general surgery tests for undergraduate students.
The museum includes several sections that show human body parts including: abdomen, pelvis, chest, limbs, brain, nervous system, head, neck, and their details, blood vessels, arteries, viscera, joints and muscles.

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