Mansoura University starts accepting papers of the nominated foreign students for the university’s faculties (Undergraduate Stage) for the academic year 2013/2014

Required papers:

  • The original accredited school certificate. 
  • A photocopy of the Passport with the original to be seen.
  • Official birth certificate or an official offprint of it.
  • Embassy's speech to those who applied through it.
  • 6 passport photos.
  • The result of aptitude tests for the faculties that require these tests.
  • Money Order or a check to the fund of foreign students care and their clubs (Account No. 5/82144/9) Central Bank of Egypt as follows:
  • Money Order of 150 LE; a fee for application for all students.
  • For students with old qualifications: Money order for the old qualifications according to the number of years; as the student pays 500 LE for each year preceding the year of admission.

For the old foreign students:
Applications of (re-nomination – re-enrollment for the students who depleted repetition times - Relocation) are submitted to the General Administration of admission and grants for the foreign students at the Ministry.

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