Sports Minister inaugurates Mansoura University Sports Club

Confirming and deepening the cooperation between the ministry of high education represented by Mansoura University and the ministry of sports, Prof. Al-sayed Abd El-Khaleq president of Mansoura University and Eng. Al-Amery Farouq State Minister for Sports affairs signed a cooperation protocol on Sunday 10/2/2013. The protocol stated the re-declaration of Mansoura University Club supporting registering it and sport teams in its name in the sports unions, as well as establishing a sports academy for gifted athletes providing contractual opportunities for talented players and exchanging information about organizing national and international sports events. The protocol also includes supporting the procedures of modernizing and developing sports facilities in the Olympic Village, exchanging expertise, legating officials of both sides, establishing academic programs includes: (sport medication- sport marketing- sport facilities   engineering), holding training camps for the students and teams, and organizing workshops and sport symposiums.
The president of the university stressed the necessity of building the university student’s personality with all its aspects, referring to the great history of Mansoura University in paying attention to sport through establishing the Olympic Village, establishing several playgrounds, and awarding the Faculty of Physical Education the academic accreditation which confirms combining theory and practice. The inauguration of the Mansoura University Club came as a complementation to these achievements, in addition to holding Universities of Nile Basin countries week and preparing to welcome the sport delegations in the University hotel.
Eng. Al-Amery Farouq said that the sport laws in Egypt concern with organizational regulations for the administrative boards more than sport itself, thus the vision of the ministry is converting sport to a productive and effective industry and attracting the sport investments to Egypt. He stressed the Mansoura University students’ and officials’ right in practicing sport in their own club and the necessity of holding seminars with the sport champions and stars to introduce them as good models to follow. The minster noted the Importance of highlighting the female players and champions and heeding to different sports like car racing which may put Egypt on the international tourism map.
After inaugurating the Mansoura University Club, the minister went in a tour with the president of Mansoura University and his representatives in the Olympic Village looking over its playgrounds and facilities, communication and information technology center, and Urology and Nephrology Center.

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