61 training opportunities for Mansoura University students in Arab universities And 51 opportunities for Arab students in Mansoura University

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Prof. Hassan Atman; Vice President of Mansoura University for Education and Student Affairs stated that Mansoura University awarded 51 training opportunities for students of Arab universities to train in Mansoura university’s hospitals, medical centers and its different units during the summer of 2014. That was stated during the twentieth forum for exchanging students training opportunities for the students of Arab Universities, which was held in Salahaddin University, Arbil in Kurdistan Region in Iraq the period that lasted from May 5th to 10th 2014 with the cooperation of the Arab Council for training students of Arab Universities in Jordan .
Mansoura University has the opportunity to train 61 of its students in four universities in Arab countries; Oman, Yemen, Iraq and Sudan. Also, it provides 15 training opportunities in Communications and Information Technology Center, 5 opportunities in the University Hotel and four opportunities in each of: the Children's Hospital, Ophthalmology Centre, Oncology Center and gastrointestinal Center as well as some other specializations in the fields of agriculture, education and sports.
Prof. Hassan Atman, who represented Mansoura University, managed through the activities of the forum to get 61 training opportunities for students of Mansoura University  in the summer of 2014 in the specializations of chemistry, biology , physics, engineering of various specializations, medicine, accounting, marketing, business management, media , pharmaceuticals and environmental engineering , law, education, sports , agriculture, and psychology. These opportunities in a number of Arab universities as University of Nizwa in Oman (11 opportunities) ,Taiz, Sana'a, Aden  and  Zammar universities in Yemen (23 opportunities), Qadisiyah, Iraq , Baghdad and Salah al-Din universities in Iraq (23 opportunities) and the University of Science and Technology in  Sudan (4 opportunities ).
The terms of the training grants for Mansoura University students will be announced and there will be a committee to select students according to the criteria as advertised. On the other hand, Mansoura University began the preparations to receive the Arab student’s candidates for training as a training program for one month has been prepared in addition to the arrangements of full hosting of the students. The program includes a visit to the most important cities and sights in Egypt and students will be awarded a certificate for attaining the training program that is approved by the Arab Council of Arab Universities Students Training.

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