Italian delegation to discuss cooperation in solar energy research with Mansoura University

On Tuesday, 30/09/2014, Prof. Mohamed Kenawy; President of Mansoura University and Prof. Mahmoud Almligi; Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development met Professor Donato Vincenzy; the Chairman of Physics and Geosciences Department and a researcher in developing solar energy technology in University of Ferrara in Italy, Eng. Anvernizy Franco; director of communications and solar engineer company and Eng. Ihab Mohammed Siddiq; solar energy researcher at the University of Novadraty in Italy. They discussed ways of cooperation in preparation of holding a cooperation agreement between the University of Ferrara in Italy and Mansoura University in the field of high studies, as well as the field of solar energy research. They also discussed presenting a unit for solar energy production to Faculty of Agriculture at Mansoura University as a start to establish a solar energy research center at the university. 

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