A delegation of Nigerian Federal University visiting Mansoura University

Dr. Mohammed Kenawy; President of Mansoura University met Dr. Othman Ahmed, vice president of Federal University for Academic Affairs at Dose State in Nigeria.

The meeting dealt with the initial agreement and discussing cooperation between the two universities. The universities are having a protocol of cooperation to benefit from the expertise of Mansoura University, due to the recent emergence of the Federal University, as Mansoura University is going to send a group of faculty members to develop curricula and courses in the undergraduate stages. Also, there is an agreement to send Nigerian students to Mansoura University to complete their post-graduate studies.

The meeting was held in the presence of Dr. Amina Alnemr, vice dean of Faculty of Nursing for Community and Environmental Development, Dr. Nasreen Salah Omar; general supervisor of foreign students office and Dr. Mohamed Mabrouk; professor at Physiology Department and works for several Nigerian universities, and Dr. Fadia Ahmed, lecturer at critical cases at Faculty of Nursing.

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