The Malaysian students in Mansoura University in a Trip to Cairo in Fayoum

The Foreign Students Office in Mansoura University organized a trip for the Malaysians students in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine to visit the sights of Fayoum and the landmarks of Cairo in the framework of developing activities for foreign students in various faculties of the University.
The organization of the trip is out of the plan of the university to activate “Egypt in our hearts” initiative to encourage and support internal tourism. The trip aimed at getting the foreign students from different Arab and Asian nationalities to know and recognize the most important sights in Egypt to contribute in promoting tourism in Egypt and let the world keen on coming to Egypt knowing they will be safe and will have fun enjoying visiting the ancient great pharaonic monuments and museums.
The trip was organized under the auspices of the Prisdent of Mansoura University; Prof. Mohamed Kenawy and Dr. Hossam Al-Din Mustafa; the General Supervisor of the Foreign Students Office in Mansoura University.

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