Training twenty African Doctors on Hemodialysis in Urology and Nephrology Center in Mansoura University

Mansoura University represented by Prof. Ashraf Sweilem; vice president for graduate studies and research affairs organized the ninth international Hemodialysis training course for African countries in 24 – 28 April 2016 with cooperation of Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development. Twenty trainee doctors participate in the course from thirteen African countries; Uganda, Burundi, Congo, Sudan, Gabon, Comoros, Zambia, South Sudan, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Niger, and Malawi.
  The Hemodialysis training course aimed at raising the doctors’ efficiency in order to provide high-quality medical care for end stage renal disease patients in African countries. It included interactive scientific lectures about hemodialysis, providing an integral complete medical service, and handling the problems that may accompany it. The training course, also, included practical training on applying the latest techniques for hemodialysis using the latest medical equipment, and working on solving clinical problems.

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