Mansoura University Participates in the Fifth European Conference for Nourishment in Italy

Mansoura University presented by Dr. al-Zahra Mahmoud Mattawa; lecture at the Faculty of Agriculture, participated in the Fifth European Conference for Nourishment, which was held on in Rome, Italy Sunday July 24, 2016 by the International American Organization OMICS. Dr. Mattawa discussed significant results of the research that was conducted about the benefits of barley bread on prevention and treatment for diabetics and heart and hypertension patients.
The researchers found out that feeding rats with diabetes associated with high cholesterol in the blood on barley bread for 8 weeks led to a marked improvement in the levels of glucose and cholesterol in the blood. It resulted in raising the level of cholesterol to almost the natural levels. These resulted came by full nutrition on only barley bread without any pharmacological intervention, while feeding on wheat bread did not show any improvement in health status.
These results agreed with a similar search conducted by a researcher at healthy people at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
The scientific committee at the end of the conference praised the results. It recommended bread barley as a food, treatment and prevention for diabetics, obesity and heart patients and for healthy people as well. The committee demanded shedding more light on such a multi-therapeutic aspects food, as the barley crop is available in Egypt and all over the world. It fits the poor and saline lands and grows even in conditions of drought.
It is worth mentioning that the research team included Dr. Al-Zahra Mahmoud Mattawa, Prof. Mohamed Taha Shalabi and Prof. Massad Laboure.

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