Opening the institutional self-evaluation course in the faculty of Dentistry

Within the framework of the cooperation between Mansoura University and the Quality Assurance Center, on Sunday October 30th 2016, prof/ Mohamed Kenawy President of Mansoura University, opened the institutional self-evaluation course for higher education institutions, offered by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
The course offered for the faculty of Dentistry for both faculty leaders and faculty staff members.
With the presence of prof/ Asmaa Mostafa , manager of the Quality Assurance Center, and dean of the faculty of Education, prof/ Madeha Wasef, the trainer, prof/ Essam El Wakeel , dean of the faculty of Dentistry and the quality assurance unit manager.
Prof/ Kenawy assured the importance of qualifying all faculties to apply for accreditation; he also mentioned his continual support for the university especially the faculty of Dentistry in order to get accreditation.
The institutional self-evaluation course for higher education institutions comes among a training program involving Program Specification course, curriculum Maps course, and External Auditing for higher education institutions course.


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